Main task – Final video!

Our final video: (Woop woop!)

Hey there Onlooker, CreativeCookie here and today’s post is my final post! I am very surprised how quickly the process of this blog has come along…

But first, our final draft! I am beyond proud of what we have achieved! Is it amazing compared to the workings of David Fincher or Alfred Hitchcock? No! But that was never our goal, I am just glad we have made a piece using tech I’d never dream of using!

Camera: Overall, our use of camera kicked started this sequence. The fact we used a camera of much better quality for the main task, compared to the continuity, shows how we have developed in knowledge over the course. Section A of the exam has made me see the use of camera in everything I watch! So coming up with use of camera in our sequence was easy.

Mise en scene: Overall, thinking of an idea (my job) was he easy part! Creating whatever brain explosion I have has always been an issue. Some how everything I saw in my head has become an amazing piece, that aesthetically, to me shows everything I have seen in a crime thriller. I love our superimposition used throughout the piece. Since watching the “Se7en” opening titles sequence I have been hooked on the premise and we achieved it!

Sound: Overall, our choice of music was a really good one as I feel it really fits our genre and it carries a good beat like the music in the “Se7en” titles. I love the sirens and bird scores (no matter how many times they were played!) I also like our voice over, we did change actor a few times but it all worked out for the best.

Editing: Overall, editing was our biggest and longest challenge. I love the flashes used for our editing! I feel it brought the most in relation to the crime thriller genre. I also like how our scenes have been equal cut and shared throughout the sequence.

The course ss
My first blog, my how I have changed!

I feel this blog and this media course has really changed my views on the modern workings of the world. Creating this video was a challenge but its one I am glad we took. In the end; Gabby, Lewis, Simran and myself have created something using all of our strengths and even our weaknesses. To be honest, I really do think it went well! Yes, it was difficult at times but we got up, dusted ourselves off and tried again!

Image result for get up dust
Very true! Stick by this and you will be ok.

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